Stock  Knowledge

Empowering teachers and learners in the 21st century.

Stock Knowledge brings innovation and education
together to provide affordable and accessible
experiential learning technology that students love.


Our Solutions

Our solutions aim to fulfill the needs of next generation learners in the country and across the globe

Fully-Immersive Digital Experience

Enabling students to interact and immerse their learning experience in their own digital space


Assimilating new information and testing new knowledge in a fun and engaging way

Device Accessibility

Delivering the highest-quality learning experiences accessible by basic devices

Adaptive Learning

Using algorithms to deliver customized learning activities that address each student’s unique needs

Our Story

Educator and physicist Anna Marie Benzon launched Stock Knowledge to focus on how young learners could foster better appreciation for their school subjects after realizing that traditional methods were not as engaging anymore in the age of the internet.

Keeping on track to its mission of instituting its innovative platform into the local academic sector, Stock Knowledge recently entered into agreements with the Department of Education (DEpEd) of Manila and Makati to gather more insights from students and further develop the platform’s viability into the education mainstream with the help of investors and venture capitalists around the world.

Still in its early stages, Stock Knowledge has marked its reputation as one of the Philippines’ premier educational technology corporations that is committed to making a real difference in the industry for the benefit of students and educators around the world.


Empower learners and educators by creating accessible, cutting-edge digital tools.


Be the leading EdTech company in today's digital transformation age.

Core Values

We are a mission-driven team that takes pride in efficient and ethical work, anchored on the highest degree of Excellence, Efficiency, Integrity, Creativity, and Loyalty.

Our Team

Behind the team are empowered individuals comprising scientists, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs who were meticulously selected to perform and align with the Corporation’s mission, vision, values and culture. Each member of Stock Knowledge possesses the initiative to focus on the needs and best interests of its clients, while collectively working to ensure that each facet of the learning programs is delivered efficiently from conceptualization to realization, paving the way to better education for all.

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